Magnet-Physik und form gestalten gemeinsam die Zukunft.

The Innovation Team together at form: Pascal, Svenja, Peter, Jan, Rolf, Kristian and Marco (from left to right)

Digitalization in the German Mittelstand: overcoming the crisis through innovation

The company MAGNET-PHYSIK Dr. Steingroever is a typical "hidden champion": The medium-sized specialist vendor has been supplying magnetizing technology and magnetic measuring technology throughout the world for nearly 45 years and is market leader in its field.

The Cologne-based family company recognized early on how important it was to be well positioned for the digital age. The current crisis has further reinforced this understanding and Managing Director Peter Ulrich is aware that running a business in the current day and age demands the courage to take risks and make quick decisions.

Die Welt des Magnetismus bei form.

«Digital transformation» and «digitalization» are terms that are frequently bandied about. But despite all the advances and the high quality of digital products, an important aspect is often overlooked here: the best technology is of little value if people fail to embrace it due to the perceived high entry barriers. The fact that MAGNET-PHYSIK turned to form to help achieve its goals serves as affirmation of our perspective.

The project centers around permanently integrating digital changes into the daily work routine. In order to realize this objective, we have put together a temporary team – the «Innovation Team». It consists of staff from the departments affected as well as designers and consultants from form. 

The Innovation Team is tasked with systematically developing new processes and digital products based on the needs of employees and customers. These will then be rolled out in the company over a set period of time. In doing so, we take into consideration the different viewpoints and skill levels of the employees – because the best technology is of little value if it is not accepted by the users.

The first concrete milestone is the removal of the bottleneck in the process for calibrating measuring devices. To this end, we analyzed the entire user journey and looked over the shoulder of those involved while they went about their daily work: starting with the customer, to the workers in product management and sales, to the calibration lab and back to the customer again.

Based on the insights gained, we sketched out some initial solutions that will now be developed in detail, tested and systematically rolled out. In addition to developing solutions, one of our most important goals is to cultivate a digital lifestyle within the MAGNET-PHYSIK workforce.

Pascal und Marco begrüßen das Team von MAGNET-PHYSIK bei form in Köln: erstmal einen Espresso.

We look forward to working with such a great team and having the opportunity to help shape the future of MAGNET-PHYSIK together.

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