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We humanize technology.

This is it.

We humanize technology.

Great room in the form headquarters.
The design consultancy

We strengthen companies by jointly transforming and sustainably cultivating business, production and service processes and develop digital solutions based on existing systems and the individual needs of the employees.

Digital business consulting

Accompanying and advising the entire spectrum of digital projects.

Service design

The transformation of business and user requirements into a logical process.

Interaction design

The moderation between humans and machines and the development of an exploratory user experience.

User research

The understanding and validation of the user behaviours and their needs.

Product design

The design of an application concept that finally becomes an easy-to-use interface.

Rapid prototyping

The creation of a simple and fast prototype to check user and technical requirements.

Product engineering

The development and implementation of an efficient and clean software solution.

AUDI web monitoring for pockets

Board members and managers have the opportunity to immediately access current figures on the web performance of AUDI product brands. For this purpose, we have created a mobile dashboard based on intuitive navigation and easy-to-use functions. A notification system helps not to miss any important performance events. A notification system helps to avoid missing out on anything.

Over a period of more than one year, a seven-person interdisciplinary team developed a solution for the top management. Based on the process model, all development steps were carried out in an agile Scrum procedure. The production and testing of prototypes played a central role.

Stoelzle Logotype
New industry age at Stölzle

By digitalisation of setup cards the software helps to simplify complex startups processes by several times. Machines can learn from production data that has been collected and will improve setups instantly. We designed an one-hand-interaction software that is used daily by workers on the shop floor around the machine.

Together with the technology partner Actyx, we designed and developed a solution to support employees in production monitoring. The concept was developed in cooperation with Stölzle employees and Actyx developers, who we gathered in an «innovation team». Conception and prototyping were based on a process and an interaction model.

BMW Logo
Global BMW brand performance measurement

The challenge was to make the brands and their KPIs visible, measurable and, above all, instantly accessible to everyone. We designed a streamlined experience that shows a focussed amount of information initially and allows to see additional information on interaction.

The project kicked-off with workshops: In order to define the requirements for the software solution and the four corporate brands, we moderated a team of seven BMW employees. We used methods from service design, illustrated processes using process models and reached the final product through the production of prototypes.

CTA Logo
CTA workers assistance on shop floor

To reduce the introduction time for each temporary worker, we developed an easy- to-use interaction concept. The application knows all relevant operations and the current status of the machine. This allows a simple step-by- step work instruction for all workers, in each language.

By periodically accompanying employees in production, we gained deep insight into their needs in the production process. Based on a process model and intensive prototyping, we came to the digital solution via user tests with the whole team. We designed these solution together with our partner Actyx.

Passagen Logo
Abstractues at PASSAGEN

On the occasion of the annual PASSAGEN exhibition, 42dp and we made an explorative mixed reality experience where visitors could generate a unique abstract with different interior design objects.When wearing the HoloLens, the abstract transforms into a virtual projection of it, called «Abstracture».

A project in which we were able to let off steam experimentally: prototyping based on the new HoloLens technology. The project was an official event at the Cologne design event PASSAGEN. Concept, design and technology were developed in just one and a half months.

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